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Month: January 2020

The importance of Tenant Insurance

Whilst you might be living in someone’s else’s property, this place is still your home. It’s filled with all your items, your laptop, your bed…your stuff and these possessions are valuable to you. So what happens if someone breaks in and steals your computer or television, or you accidently set fire to the kitchen? In many instances you aren’t covered by your landlord’s insurance so without your own insurance you could come face to face with a whole lot of debt.


Imagine coming home to find your property has been broken into and your computer,
jewellery and your granny’s favourite silver tea pot have been stolen– many of these items are irreplaceable, however most policy’s cover objects due to theft along with any damage caused to other items during the robbery


Imagine coming home one evening and find that your neighbour’s heater caused a fire and whilst your apartment is not destroyed, all your contents are damaged by smoke. Renters insurance can pay fire damage on belongings and in many cases will pay for you to stay somewhere else while the damage is repaired. Be aware insurance policies don’t cover cigarette burns or scorch marks.

Water damage

A water pipe has burst in your ceiling while you are at work and you come home to find your bed and favourite arm chair have been destroyed. Whilst your landlord’s insurance will pay to repair the apartment it doesn’t usually cover your personal belongings. Renters insurance will pay to either repair the bed and arm chair or replace them if they are totally destroyed.

Personal injury

If a visiting friend injures themselves in your home, in most cases you will be covered for all or part of any legal and medical fees as a result of the injury at your address. Obviously your liability coverage will vary depending on your circumstances so make sure you check your policy or ask your insurance agent for details on how much your liability coverage is.

7 ways to style your entrance to stay

The front of your home makes the all-important first impression and welcomes you as you return from a long day of work. You want it to make you feel good as soon as you see it.

It may need a complete facelift – perhaps you need a new roof or the windows don’t open or close, or perhaps it only needs a make-over with some fresh plants and paint.

Here are some easy ideas to help lift the front of your home and make it a view you love pulling up to – be warned though, you’ll need to roll your sleeves up and get dirty.

Neat, clean and cared for

The first thing to do is to make sure that everything looks clean and well cared for. Edge those flower beds, add some mulch, sweep the paths regularly and clear away any cobwebs from your letter box and from around the lights and windows.

If you have a front gate it will be the first thing that people come into contact with so keep it clean, in good condition and quiet.

An organized garden

Whilst you could get a gardener in to help you, you can enhance this space dramatically yourself by adding some structure with evergreen shrubs or hedges.

They will make your front garden look good all year round and provide a good base to add some flowering plants for a bit of colour and texture.

If you have a front lawn make sure you keep it mown and free of leaves – this is certainly a challenge if you have trees around, but well worth the effort.

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Pave the way

If you don’t have an established path, consider laying one to help guide your visitors to your front door.

Plain white or neutral coloured pavers look great against a green lawn but there are many options you can choose from depending on your budget and taste.

If the steps to your front door look a bit shabby, a great trick is to tile the step rises, rather than ripping everything out and starting from scratch – it’ll also save you money.

Showcase the history of your home

If you live in an older home, why not contact your local council and find out about the history and add a plaque to your entrance – it’ll make an interesting talking point.

Add a sculpture

Place a sculpture, a birdbath or an all-weather object you love in the front yard to make your front garden more interesting and to reflect your personality.

Spruce up the front door.

A freshly painted front door and surrounding structure will help make your entrance look renewed and inviting. Door and window handles should be clean or even new.

Also by placing plants symmetrical on either side of the front door it’ll really help to make a welcoming impact. The trick here is to keep it simple and not clutter the space.

Add a welcome Mat

Invest in a new door mat – This is a great for the rest of your home too, as people will wipe their feet before entering and will help keep your home clean. If you live in an area that gets mucky – add a boot scraper.

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